School Passport

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*Terms & Conditions

a. This Passport entitles the school whose name is stated on the document to enjoy discount privileges at Petrosains subject to Terms and Conditions mentioned herein.

b. Each visit to Petrosains entitles the holder to one(1) discount stamp per visit.

c. Discount rates apply to admission tickets to Petrosains, The Discovery Centre on weekdays only (Tue-Fri) for school groups with a minimum number of 20 students

d. Discounts not valid during weekends, public and school holidays.

e. Discount rate starts at 30% for the first visit, 35% for the second visit and 40% for the third and subsequent visit(s).

f. Students are encouraged to be in school uniform when visiting Petrosains.

g. Prior to visit, schools must book tickets through Petrosains Info / Booking Line (03-2331 8181, email at or fax to 03-2331 1295).

h. Discounts not valid with special rate tickets (including Family Package), special exhibitions and any other discounts.

i. This School Passport Programme is open to all schools in Malaysia only.

j. This document is the property of Petrosains Sdn Bhd to whom it must be returned if found or upon request.

k. It is not transferable to another school or other parties and may be revoked by Petrosains at any time without notice.

l. Its use is subject to the Terms and Conditions governing the use of the document set forth from time to time.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the 'School Passport to Petrosains' (Passport) all about?
It is a special programme by Petrosains to reward schools who make multiple visits to Petrosains, The Discovery Centre.

How can my school apply for the Passport?
Application is not required. Petrosains will automatically issue the Passport to your school upon the 1st visit of your school group to Petrosains during weekdays (Tue-Fri) within the programme period. Please note that the discounts are not valid during public and school holidays.

Is there any fee involved?
Besides the admission tickets, there is no other fee.

How long does my school have to wait to enjoy the discount privilege from the time the Passport is issued?
Your school can enjoy the discount immediately upon the issuance of the Passport. Please don't forget to bring the Passport on your next visit(s) to Petrosains to enjoy the discount privileges mentioned above.

My school is planning a few visits to Petrosains within the next few months. Will each group be issued a Passport?
Petrosains will issue only one(1) Passport to each school. It may be used by a different group in subsequent visit(s), provided the school group is within the same school.

My school has been issued the Passport in our last visit and we enjoyed 30% discount on admission tickets to Petrosains. We're planing a 2nd visit during the next school holidays only. Will we get to enjoy an increase in discount for the next visit?
The discount applies for school visits on weekdays only. It's not valid during public and school holidays.

How much discount will my school get to enjoy for our 5th weekday visit?
Your school will enjoy the maximum discount of 40%.