Petrosains Science Show Competition

Rules and Regulations


  1. This competition is open to all secondary school students in Malaysia from Form 1 to Form 6. Participants must be Malaysian citizens.
  2. Participation consists of an individual or duo, and a teacher as advisor.
  3. Presentations and scripts must be science related.
  4. Presentation scripts must be prepared either in Bahasa Malaysia or English. Participants are not allowed to combine both languages in one presentation.
  5. The duration of the presentation must not exceed 15 minutes. Participants are required to perform a maximum of 4 demonstrations in one presentation.
  6. Each school can only repeat the same demonstration twice to submit entries for the competition.
  7. Participants are not allowed to touch on sensitive issues such as religion, race and politics throughout their presentations.
  8. Participants must be appropriately attired. Wearing of costumes is in accordance with the team’s own creativity and should not pose as a hindrance to the smooth flow of the team's performance.
  9. Strict safety measures must be exercised during the use of hazardous, flammable and poisonous materials.
  10. The school is responsible in ensuring that the science show to be performed is safe and that competition rules are adhered to.
  11. All entries must be accompanied by:
    • complete entry form
    • presentation script
    • video presentation in CD format / pendrive / YouTube
  12. The script has to be typed in this format:
    • SIZE: 12
  13. The presentation's recording should be in the following format:
    • Angle: Frontal view only
    • File format: AVI, VLC, MOV, MP4
  14. Entries can be submitted via:
    • Email (attention to the PSSC 2017 Secretariat)
    • Courier (to Petrosains)
    • Online (PSSC 2017 website)
  15. The closing date is on 31st May 2017. Only complete entries will be assessed and given a participation certificate.
  16. All entries submitted will be regarded as the ownership of Petrosains inclusive of any intellectual properties herewith.
  17. For online submission, video must be uploaded to YouTube, use the video URL in filling up the online submission form.
  18. Contestants are encouraged to explore new innovative ways of presenting potential topics such as:
    • Electricity
    • Lights or Laser
    • Energy
    • Robotic
    • Astronomy
    • Mathematics and Geometry
    • Sports Science
    • Marine Science
  19. The judges' decisions are FINAL.

Download terms and conditions in BM version.


The Petrosains Science Show Competition 2017 will be held in 3 levels which are the selection level, state level and the final.


Registration is now open

31 May 2017
Closing Date

June - July 2017
Selection Level

August - September 2017
State Level

October 2017