Petrosains Science Show Competition

Introduced in 2009, the Petrosains Science Show Competition is back for the 9th consecutive year and is looking to provide participants and audiences with a stimulating and engaging environment for science learning.

The participants of this competition are required to present a scientific concept and showcase an experiment or demonstration to illustrate a scientific theory in action, either individually or in teams of two in 15 minutes.

This competition is opened to all secondary school students nationwide and the teams who have submitted their entries will go through a stringent selection process. The best teams are picked to compete at the respective state level competitions. The winning team will then compete in the grand finals.

Cash, Petrosains’ merchandise, plaque and trophy will be awarded to the winning teams. They will also receive cash incentives for their school and are to be used for the purchase of educational and student developmental equipments.

With a fun and exciting approach, Petrosains Science Show Competition will not only allow the participants to express their knowledge and showcase their talents via a creative and educational performance, it will also deepen their understanding of science and develop their self-confidence.


The Petrosains Science Show Competition 2017 will be held in 3 levels which are the selection level, state level and the final.


Registration is now open

31 May 2017
Closing Date

June - July 2017
Selection Level

August - September 2017
State Level

October 2017