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About the Program

The Petrosains Science Scouts is an innovative after-school programme offered by Petrosains the Discovery Centre targeted at Primary school-goers. Participants in the programme experience science by engaging in fun learning activities using the Petrosains approach of being Hands-on, Minds-on, and Hearts-on!

This year-long programme offers a rich informal learning experience in science and technology that extends beyond the classroom and continues all the way to Secondary school in the form of the Senior program.

This long-term learning engagement combines immersive face-to-face interaction over half day meetings with online and take-home activities that are all facilitated by a team of trained and experienced educators. Whether it's travelling to the past to learn about the dinosaurs, taking a step into the future to wonder about future sciences, or staying rooted in the present and finding ways to be a green citizen of Planet Earth, the Petrosains Science Scouts will bring the wonders of science to life; a true embodiment of the Petrosains approach.

The Petrosains Science Scouts recruits one troop annually consisting of no more than 30 participants.