Petrosains Science Drama Competition
  • Petrosains Science Drama Competition 2019

    All the wonder of science, all the drama of a stage play. That’s what the Petrosains Science Drama Competition is about.

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  • The Competition

    Closing Date: 17 May 2019

    • About The Competition
    • Competition Schedule
    • Who can enter
    • Judging Criteria
    • Rules and Regulations
    • What is Petrosains Science Drama Competition (PSDC) 2019?

      The Petrosains Science Drama Competition (PSDC) is a drama competition aimed to promote and spark students’ interest towards STEM through acting. The competition is open to all primary school students in Malaysia. For 2019, the winner of PSDC will represent Malaysia and compete in the International Science Drama Competition (ISDC) in Beijing, China. Petrosains has organised the Malaysian Finals of the ISDC since 2016. In 2019, Petrosains decided to re-name the Malaysian finals to the Petrosains Science Drama Competition.

      What is the theme for the PSDC 2019?

      The competition theme this year is “Chemistry Makes Life Better”, in conjunction with 2019 as the International Year of the Periodic Table of Chemicals Elements. The performance must combine scientific content and drama.

      How to participate in the PSDC 2019?

      Click here to register.
      Closing date for submission is on 17 May 2019. Late submissions will not be accepted.

      How to compete internationally?

      Become the champion of PSDC 2019 and get the chance to compete in the International Science Drama Competition (ISDC) 2019 in Beijing, China!

      What is International Science Drama (ISDC)?

      The ISDC is an annual competition aimed to promote science through drama, allowing participants to showcase their scientific knowledge with dramatic flair. The competition involves primary school teams from Malaysia, Singapore and the Asia Pacific region as well as teams from the public. ISDC is a great platform to showcase participants’ talents and compete at an international level.

      What is the background of ISDC?

      ISDC started off from a science drama exchange between China and Singapore in 2013. The first ISDC was founded by four Asia Pacific Network of Science and Technology Centres (ASPAC) countries in 2016; Singapore, Malaysia, China and Philippines with Thailand and Brunei joining the competition in 2018.

      • 1 April

        Registration open

      • 17 May

        Deadline for submission of entry forms

      • 31 May

        Announcement of PSDC 2019 Finalists

      • 15 June

        PSDC 2019 – Boot Camp

      • 28 June

        PSDC 2019 – Rehearsal Day

      • 29 June

        PSDC 2019 – Competition Day

      • 24 July

        Flight to Beijing,
        ISDC 2019 – Rehearsal Day

      • 25 July

        ISDC 2019 – Competition Day

      • 26 July

        Educational Visit

      • 27 July

        Flight back to KLIA

    • All participants in the team must be primary school students (10 - 12 years) from any schools in Malaysia. Home schooled primary students are also welcomed.

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    • Marking Scheme

      Scientific Content - 20%

      • Facts
      • Topic Significance
      • Integration of Knowledge
      • Daily Life Application

      Cast Performance - 20%

      • Proficient delivery
      • Impact on audience
      • Approriate language used
      • Characterisation (Posture / Facial expressions / Gestures / Eye contact / Movement)

      Creativity - 30%

      • Props practicality
      • Graphic visual aid/illustration description
      • Costumes, music & scene arrangement
      • Storyline & development of ideas

      Overall Presentation - 30%

      • Flow of drama
      • Script
      • Team work
      • Time management
      • Positive values

      *Note: Judges' decisions are final and no correspondence will be entertained.
    • Performance Guidelines

      • Performance should be in the form of a short sketch not exceeding seven minutes.
      • The performance should be based on the theme “Chemistry Makes Life Better” in conjunction with 2019 as the International Year of the Periodic Table of Chemical Elements.
      • The performance should combine drama and scientific content.
      • Examples of some possible topics include but are not limited to the following:
        • Environmental chemistry. (i.e: Climate Change)
        • Chemicals that enhance our quality of living (i.e: Malaysian Agriculture)
        • How the use of chemistry can provide solutions to global challenges. (i.e: Natural Gas)

      *Based on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) goal 7 – Affordable and Clean Energy

      Competition Rules

      • Each school or organization can register as many teams as they wish.
      • Each team must comprise a maximum of 15 participants, including backstage crew. *
      • Participants must be aged between 10 -12 years old only.
      • Performance must be in English.
      • Performance should not exceed seven minutes. A penalty will be imposed for exceeding the time limit.
      • There will be an online preliminary audition before the final competition.
      • All sources for storyline, music and other media must be properly credited and acknowledged.
      • If participants are representing a school or organization, all participants in the team must be current students or member of the school or organization.
      • Should a school or organization decide to register more than one team, there should be no repetition of cast members across teams.

      *Backstage crew can only assist to place props, control AV and help cast members back stage and should not be involved in the sketch as cast members. Teachers must be part of the backstage crew. Only students are allowed to perform on the stage.

      Dos & Don'ts on Stage

      • Be confident and SMILE!
      • Use costumes and makeup to enhance your performance.
      • Use daily household items and recycled materials as props.
      • Always keep it simple.
      • Use of hazardous/ corrosive chemicals are not encouraged.
      • Avoid dangerous/ hazardous experiments (if any).
  • Events and Updates

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    • PSDC 2019
    • 2018 Winners
    • Coming soon.

    • 2018 Winners - SJKT Masai, Johor

      Petrosains Science Drama Competition
  • How To Enter

    Perfect For Drama Queens (And Kings)

    • Step by Step Guides
    • Online Registration
    • Sample Submission
    • How To Upload
    • Welcome! Follow these simple steps to register for the Petrosains Science Drama Competition and become the STARS we are looking for!

      Step 1: Draft your script (PDF version) and upload it on Google Drive. Get the Google Drive link. See 'Sample Submission' for details.

      Step 2: Record a full performance (with no cuts/ editing in between) and upload it on YouTube. Please set the Privacy Settings of your video to Unlisted. Get the YouTube link address.

      Step 3: Download and complete the consent form. Upload it (PDF version) on Google Drive and save the link.

      Step 4: Fill up the online registration at the left tab.

      Step 5: Fill up all the required URL link for your script, YouTube video and consent form. (eg: http://www..)

      Step 6: Click tick to accept the conditions of use.

      Step 7: Your registration is successful.

      Download PSDC Concept Paper for more details.

    • The registration is closed.

    • Script Requirements

      Team scripts must include the following:

      The synopsis is a short description of your performance. It must include no more than 200 words.

      List all of the characters involved in the performance and provide brief information about them.

      The script must describe the following:

      Scene: A short description of the location and time of day of a scene.
      Dialogue: Conversations between the characters.

      All sources for storyline, music and other media must be properly credited and acknowledged.

      Below are the sample of videos for reference

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    • Google Drive

      1) Login to your gmail account and go to
      2) Click on 'New' (at the top left) and choose 'File Upload'.
      3) Choose your saved file and click open.
      4) You will see your file is now uploaded to Google Drive.
      5) Right click on the file and choose 'Share'.
      6) Click 'Advanced'.
      7) Click 'Change...' which is under 'Who has access'.
      8) Select option 2 (On - Anyone with the link).
      9) Click save.
      10) Copy URL link under 'Link to share'.
      11) Save the link for later use during the online registration.


      1) Login to your gmail account and go to
      2) Click the camera icon (at the top right) and select 'Upload video'.
      3) Change the privacy to unlisted. (Default is public)
      4) Click on the arrow above 'Select files to upload'.
      5) Choose your saved video and click 'Open'.
      6) Fill in the 'Basic Info'. (Title & Description)
      7) Click 'Done'.
      8) Copy the URL. (

  • Prizes

    Awesome prizes to win!

    • List of Prizes
    • Who Can Enter
    • Champion

      • Fully paid expenses to ISDC in Beijing, China
      • (transportation and accomodation)
      • RM 1,500
      • Petrosains Merchandise
      • Plaque
      • Certificate


      2nd Place

      • RM 1,000
      • Petrosains Merchandise
      • Plaque
      • Certificate


      3rd Place

      • RM 500
      • Petrosains Merchandise
      • Plaque
      • Certificate


      7X Consolation

      • RM 300
      • Petrosains Merchandise
      • Certificate


      Outstanding Performer

      • Petrosains Merchandise
      • Plaque
      • Certificate
    • All participants in the team must be primary school students (10 - 12 years) from any schools in Malaysia. Home schooled primary students are also welcomed.

      Petrosains Science Drama Competition

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