The Good Workshop Series


The GOOD Workshop Series is an all-new after hour programme brought to you by Petrosains, in collaboration with social entrepreneurs to bring life-centric learning experiences to socially conscious community. Workshops happen fortnightly on Wednesday evening.

Introduction to Junior Nutri Chef

Junior Nutri Chef strives to improve the health of the future generation by educating them on food and nutrition through fun culinary activities. We provide simple, delicious, child-friendly and nutritious recipes that can be replicated at home to encourage children to kick-start a healthy lifestyle and maintain a well-balanced diet on their own. We channel part of the profit to provide the same education to underprivileged children so that they could have the same opportunity to learn and prevent non chronic communicable diseases.

Workshop Details

The weight loss “industry” is full of myths and crazy diet methods. Over the years, however, scientists have found a number of strategies that seem to be effective in shedding and maintaining the kilos. Join us to discover the real science behind achieving a healthy weight!


Learning outcome
Participants will learn about practical and sustainable ways to keep a healthy weight and understand the evidenced-based science behind weight management. They can also bring home delicious healthy low fat recipes, estimate energy requirement for their bodies and even practice basic calorie counting.

Additional Info

Maximum participants per workshop : 100 pax

6.30 pm : Registration
7.00 pm : Talk on the ‘Secret to a Healthy Weight’
8.00 pm : Cooking and Juicing Demo
9.00 pm : End

Payment Method
Bank Account Number : 555171517151
Bank Name : Malayan Bank Berhad
Bank Account Name : JM Nutrition Consultancy

Kindly state your name and workshop date on the transaction. Please email the proof of payment to