Generation: Future Ready



Generation: Future Ready is a new talk series powered by Petrosains and KDU School of Communication and Creative Arts. This series explores the challenges and opportunities in a fast-changing future, and how the generation today can prepare themselves better with the right knowledge and skills to be future-ready. This podcast series discusses various topics from Entrepreneurship & Social Innovation, The Fourth Industrial Revolution to Emerging Jobs of Tomorrow with industry leaders and experts.

This podcast is available every Tuesday throughout June to August 2018.

Episode Description Speakers
Ep 1

12 june

Impact Driven Enterprises

Can businesses create meaningful impact for the society and at the same time, make profit? This week, we explore why social entrepreneurship is important, especially with our generation, and the key challenges as well as opportunities ahead.



Wan Dazriq,
Program Director,
Malaysia’s Social Inclusion & Vibrant Entrepreneurship (MasSIVE),
Malaysian Global Innovation & Creativity Centre (MaGIC)

Dr. Daniel Loy,
Centre of Learning & Innovation, Petrosains

Ep 2

19 June

Let’s Talk Sustainability

Get to know two social entrepreneurs who are passionate about solving waste management problems in Malaysia and how to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle in practical ways.



Chia Wen Shin,
Founder, Greenyards

Datin Joanne Wong Su Ching
Founder of Bargain Basement & Executive Director of IOI Foundation

Ep 3

26 June

The Good Business of Inclusivity

Get to know two social entrepreneurs who are passionate about creating equal opportunities for underserved communities, how their startups are a platform for empowerment and championing for a more inclusive society.


Yeoh Li Ai,

Amer Asyraf,

Ep 4

3 July

Reshaping The Learning Experience

Get to know two dynamic social entrepreneurs who are passionate about education and technology. This week, we talk about how technology is reshaping our classroom experience and changing the way we think about learning.


Raj Ridvan Singh
Founder & CEO

Andrew Yong,

Ep 5

10 July

Are You Future Ready, Millennials?

This week, we speak with two young dynamic leaders who are passionate about inspiring and helping the upcoming generation reach their goals and take charge of their future careers through educational transformation and industry mentoring culture.


Brian Tan,
CEO & Co-Founder, FutureLab

Dipti Kumar,
CEO, Malaysian Collective Impact Initiative (MCII)

Ep 6

17 July

Learning In The New Frontier

This week, we speak with two leaders who are passionate about cultivating a robust learning culture in the changing landscape of the 21st century and discuss on the challenges and opportunities ahead.


Adam Brimo,
CEO, Open Learning

Marni Jamil,
Lecturer, School of Communication & Creative Arts, KDU

Ep 7

24 July

Smart Technologies and Us
This week, we speak with two passionate individuals on smart technologies and how these tech are changing our lives daily – one is a corporate advocate for making our city smarter and the other, a community champion in educating Malaysians from all walks of life.


Johnson Lam
Founder & Owner
KakiDIY Dot Com

Richard Ker
Innovation & Commercialisation Manager

Ep 8

31 July

Becoming A Responsible Digital Citizen
This week, two passionate champions on digital citizenship share their insights on youths’ participation as citizens in an increasingly connected world. One is an award-winning journalist while the other is an industry leader on Internet safety and digital resilience.


Philip Ling
Head of Sustainability,
Digi Telecommunications

Elroi Yee
Senior Producer,

Ep 9

7 Aug

Digital Storytelling

Storytelling can be a powerful for change. This week, two dynamic storytellers shed light into the changing landscape of storytelling and what the future looks like for this age-old career in a brand new digital world.


Firdaus Helmy
Influencer Manager

Zan Azlee

Ep 10

14 Aug

Music and Engineering

Today, we cannot imagine our lives without music. This week, we speak with two musicians to draw from their insights on the exciting changes taking place in the music industry and the future it holds as a career option.


Reuben Samuel
Music Producer & DJ,
Mile High Sounds

Joshua Vonderheide
Sub-Principal Percussionist,
Malaysia Philharmonic Orchestra

Ep 11

21 Aug

The Future of Work: AI vs Humans?

As our world evolves, so does our workforce. Will the future of work see AI taking over human jobs? This week, we speak to two industry leaders on their insights for an ever-evolving future and what it takes to stay ahead.


Mr Muhundhan Kamarapullai
Deputy Director
Malaysian Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC)

Puan Sri Maimon Alif Patail
Corporate Social Responsibility Director
Hap Seng Consolidated Bhd

Ep 12

28 Aug

The New Generation of Technopreneurs

The concept of technopreneurship challenges our existing economy. In this final week, we speak with two leaders in the fields of Information Communication Technology (ICT), the Internet and mobile industries on how technology savviness coupled with business acumen could pave the way for an exciting career ahead.


Lisa Chan
Head, BF Operational Excellence,
Petronas ICT

Tay Yen Pei
CEO & Co-Founder
Simplify Networks