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Magical Math

Am I pretty? : Golden ratio
Explore how the ratio for length to width of rectangles of 1,61803 39887 49894 84820 has been considered the most pleasing to the eye.

Socks for Sale!
Human body follows some general proportion system.

Waist Hip Ratio
Your waist to hip ratio can be a guide to your health condition.
Pythagoras' Theorem
Learn more about Pythagoras' theorem formula.

Wearing Pi
Discover where the size of a hat came from.

Angles Untangles!
Explore how the three angles always add up to 180°.
Match Trick
Learn about area and perimeter through match puzzle.

Fun with Calendars
To understand the concept of algebraic expressions.

Muggins Modified (Domino™)
Let's identify numbers, understand & practise doing calculation such as addition & multiplication, in a fun & enjoyable way.

Look out for our math buskers. They will share with you some math tricks.
Look out for our Math Buskers with their bag of Math-Tricks!

Eye Works
See how mathematics and science get together in these mind-boggling illusions!

Math Challenge
Are you up to a math challenge?
Make your own puzzle and complete the challenges.

Breaking The Code
Crack the code to find the answers to our math challenges!

Oh! My Cookies
Learn how to measure up ingredients in order to bake the best holiday cookies.