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The Lobby provides a relaxing atmosphere from a soothing water effect permeating from the Water Sculpture. Also on display is a Sauber PETRONAS Formula One racing car, a testimony of PETRONAS' involvement in the development of advanced engine technology and fuel performance. Once you have purchased your ticket, you can queue up for the Dark Ride.

Dark Ride

The Dark Ride will be the beginning of your unique journey in Petrosains. The ride, shaped as an oil drop, will bring you in a dark and tranquil ambience through the rainforest of Malaysia, up to the peak of a mountain, before diving into the sea, and finally going through a video display depicting Malaysia's transformation and its advancement into the new millennium.


Petrojaya is a cartoon village where dynamic high technology is blended with the Malaysian art of shadow play or Wayang Kulit. At this area, visitors will be use in our daily lives that contain petrochemicals.


Exploration is a section where all the hi-tech tools and techiques used for petroleum exploration are displayed. Visitors will have the chance to glimpse into the job af a geologist or seismologist in this exhibit area.


Come on down to SPARKZ at Petrosains and bring out the child in you! Have endless fun at the Grain Pit, find out what it's like to be a great inventor at Invention, be mesmerised at Interactive Art and bring out the creative spark in the little ones at Tot Spot. Learning is more fun at SPARKZ.

Geotime Diorama

Geotime Diorama will take you back more than 200 million years to meet a "singing" dinasour and to explore a vast diorama where the enviroment is as ancient as it gets. Learn also about earthquakes, fossils and petroleum.


SPEED is an exhibit area that will thrill visitors who are ardent fans of the Formula One (F1) sports. With hands-on exhibits that simulate the technology and science behind F1, this is one exhibition area not to be missed.

Molecule Nano World

The Molecule Nano World begins at the Molecule Stairway and takes visitors around exhibits in the nano world, which will show you that Chemistry can be so much fun! You get to meet Moly and Poly who will guide you into the magical world of atoms and molecules.

Music, Art, Science

Music, Art, Science are powerful platform/language to bring people much closer to science. This is an area where music, art and science are inter-related and seamlessly living together harmoniously. The take home message for visitors to this area will be the feeling of satisfaction that scientist's, artists and musicians experienced when they are engaged in their creative and expressive processes.

Teater Ungku Omar

Teater Ungku Omar is a mini theatre, capable of seating 32 people, and you get to watch 3D movies here.

Exit Ride

The Exit Ride is a parting journey on the Dark Ride where aspirations and hopes of proud Malaysians are captured in a fascinating audio visual display. The ride ends underneath a star-studded sky.