The Science of Us

Human Anatomy

Date: 6 February – 31 March 2018

Weekdays: 9.30am – 5.30pm / Weekends 9.30am – 6.30pm

The Muscular, Skeletal and Nervous Systems

Science of the Brain
Are you a fan of jigsaw puzzles? Solve this brain- jigsaw puzzle within a minute and be amazed with how our brain works!

Exercise – Like It or Hate It
Muscle Pain Phenomenon! Learn about Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) and what can we do about it.

My Biggest Supporter!
The spine and skeletal system plays an extremely important role in our bodies. Find out how it supports upper body weight and protects the spinal cord!

The Circulatory and Respiratory Systems

Huff & Puff
Learn about our lungs and the inhaling and exhaling process through a simple bottle simulation.

A Pint of Blood
Did you know that most adults carry between 9 and 12 pints of blood? Explore features of the blood and their functions in this bloody hands-on experiment!

Shades of Blood
Blood is always red, but did you know that its shades vary according to the stages of the circulatory system?

(Heart) Beat the Clock
A challenge to work as hard as your heart beats, pumping the blood through our body in one minute! What an amazing efficient muscle our heart is!

The Digestive, Endocrine and Integumentary Systems

Digestion in a Bag
Learn about the digestive process, what breaks down food and what not in this mini experiment!

How long are your intestines?
Measure the length of your guts! It is amazing just to think how it can all fit inside your body.

My Skin
Discover what is beneath our skin!


The Excretory and Reproductive Systems

Urine Clones
Dare yourself to smell a “urine” sample. Discover the composition of the special ingredient that gives out that pungent smell!

Types of Poo
Poo with no smell? This one is made special for the inquisitive mind. Learn what healthy feces might look like and compare it with the Bristol stool chart.

Urinary System
Learn about our renal system that produces, stores and eliminates urine. Discover the role of our kidneys and how we can take better care of our kidneys.

Can You Guess?
Is it a boy or a girl? Using a simple chromosome matching game, let’s find out which one is which!


Daily: 10.30am | 11.30am | 12.30pm | 1.30pm | 2.30pm | 3.30pm

The Nose
Discover what goes in and out from your nose when you breathe.

Do You Have The Guts?
Watch how our digestive system works!

The Autopsy
Observe a role-play autopsy and get to chance to touch and feel the organs!

Note: Venues and time slots are correct at the time but are subject to change.